Van Life With A Dog: Things You Should Know

by Tanya January 30, 2024

Many people dream of going on a campervan adventure, and with staycations becoming more popular, campervans are also gaining popularity.

But what makes campervan adventure more fun is campervan adventure with a DOG.

Dogs are not simply pets but dependable tour partners who enhance the general experience.

The exhilaration of their eyes as they explore new environments mirrors the experience of discovery and surprise that a campervan journey brings.

With their infectious enthusiasm, dogs infuse boundless electricity into the ride, turning it into a shared escapade full of tail wags and satisfied memories.

Moreover, having your dog along on a campervan journey promotes a sense of security.

Dogs are instinctively protective, growing an introduced layer of protection at your transient home on wheels.

Their eager senses and alert nature provide an additional set of eyes and ears, fostering a comforting environment, in particular while exploring strange locations.

Whether it is a quiet nighttime underneath the celebs or a lively day of exploration, having your dog by your side creates a reassuring bond that transforms the campervan into a home away from home.

Additionally, the outdoor surroundings give a great playground for your canine companion.

From scenic hikes to beachside strolls, dogs revel in the opportunity to stretch their legs and bask in nature’s wonders.

Van life with dogs: what to pack

Choose a campervan with enough space for your canine to transport comfortably, and recall bringing an acquainted blanket or bed to cause them to experience at home during the journey.

If this is your first time going on a road trip with your dog, you can find more tips at woofwhiskers.com

Pack the essentials:

Food and water

Bring sufficient dog food, treats, and bowls for the ride.

Pack enough of your canine’s normal meals, treats, and required medicinal drugs for the whole journey. Consistency of their diet helps preserve their well-being and stops digestive problems, supplying comfort during the journey.

Hydration is vital too. Especially when you are active outdoors.

A portable dog water bottle with a filtration system is essential to keep your dog hydrated with clean water.

While planning your meals, consider your canine’s feeding agenda. Stick to a recurring that aligns with their common meal times, assisting them in experiencing secure and settled inside the campervan environment.

Additionally, be careful about sharing human food with your dog, as a few items may be harmful. Secure trash containers to prevent accidental snacking, and in case you want additional components, test for neighborhood pet-friendly eateries or puppy delivery stores along your direction.

Accessories and toys

Packing the right equipment can make the difference between a stressful trip and a memorable adventure.

Start with the essentials for your dog’s travel kit. This includes a durable leash for safety during walks, a comfortable and secure collar (consider a LED collar for visibility), and a reliable harness. 

Pack favorite toys, blankets, and other comfort items to help your dog feel at home.

Don’t forget essential grooming supplies, waste disposal bags, the food and water bowls, preferably collapsible for easy packing.

A pet-first aid kit is crucial for addressing any minor injuries or emergencies that might arise during your travels.

Comfort and convenience items

To make your dog’s journey as comfortable as possible, pack items like a dog bed or a blanket that smells like home, which can help soothe and relax them in unfamiliar environments. 

For dogs prone to anxiety, consider an anxiety jacket, which can provide a sense of security in stressful situations like travel.

Health and safety essentials

A pet-first aid kit is crucial for addressing any minor injuries or emergencies that might arise during your travels.

Ensure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations and has a proper identification tag. Carry a copy of your pet’s medical records, just in case.

Research and locate veterinary clinics at your destination in case of emergencies.

Always carry your dog’s medical records, including vaccination papers and any necessary medications. 

A GPS tracker can be a lifesaver in unfamiliar territories, ensuring you can locate your dog if they wander off. 

A portable dog water bottle with a filtration system is essential to keep your dog hydrated with clean water.

Specialised travel accessories

In addition to the basics, consider packing specialised travel accessories for your dog.

Items like a foldable pet tent can offer a familiar and secure space for your dog while camping or spending time outdoors. 

A collapsible pet ramp is useful for older or smaller dogs to easily get in and out of vehicles. 

For hydration on the go, a portable, no-spill water dispenser is practical. 

These specialised items, tailored to your dog’s specific needs, can significantly enhance the comfort and convenience of your travels with your furry friend.

Van life with dogs: where to go in the UK

Embarking on a campervan rent journey together with your bushy friend opens up a global of scenic wonders and puppy-friendly adventures within the United Kingdom.

Start your adventure in the Lake District, a haven for nature fans.

Cruise along the winding roads surrounded by using lush greenery, and park your campervan near picturesque lakes wherein you and your canine can enjoy long walks amidst stunning landscapes.

With numerous canine-friendly pubs and resorts, the Lake District presents the precise backdrop for a harmonious journey experience.

Continue your road south to the historical Cotswolds with charming villages and rolling hills.

Meander via quaint streets together with your canine partner, exploring the honey-coloured cottages and enjoying the warm hospitality.

The Cotswolds offer a pleasing combination of history, culture, and natural splendor, providing an ideal setting for a memorable avenue experience together with your 4-legged friend.

For a coastal adventure, head to the rugged landscapes of Scotland’s North Coast 500. The widespread open spaces and breathtaking seashore views create a beautiful backdrop to your campervan escapade.

Your dog will revel in sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and grassy meadows.

Add joy and companionship to your adventure with a dog

Dog-friendly travel is an enriching experience and a chance to bond with your canine companion. 

From selecting the right accommodations that cater to both of your needs, to packing essential and specialised gear, every aspect of your trip can be tailored for comfort and convenience. 

Exploring new destinations, whether urban or rural, opens up a world of activities and experiences for you and your dog.

Everyone should try a campervan holiday at least once.

With a campervan, you have the freedom to travel anywhere you want to whenever you want. You can also change plans as it suits you as well.

The UK weather can be unpredictable at best which can make staying in a tent a less than pleasant experience. With a campervan, you are guaranteed to stay dry and warm.

Modern campervans come with all the amenities you need for a comfortable holiday. You can sleep, cook, and relax in the same vehicle, making it a convenient and budget-friendly way to travel.

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