VIDEOS: The Next Generation of Global Consumers Event

by Tanya January 21, 2015

And here’s the video of the funnest woking day of 2014 …

The Next Generation of Global Consumers event is the UK’s foremost conference addressing the changing demands of the future consumer. We discuss next generation customer engagement strategies with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Speakers include:

Ben Maher (Mashable UK)
Dan’l Hewitt (Maker Studios)
Denise Turner (Havas Media)
Selena Harrington (Microsoft UK)
Dan Spicer (Hootsuite)
Ben Haley (Initiative UK)
Paul Drury (Unity PR)
Steve Bartlett (Social Chain)
William Higham (Next Big Thing)
Benita Matofska (Compare and Share)

Above me, Natalie and Daria discuss what we, as Millennials, want from brands:

“I like it when brands speak to me like they speak with their best friends, I hate business jargon!”

“In adverts I want to see real people: fat people, pregnant people, people with disabilities. I want authenticity!”

“I actually don’t care about brands being cool, I care about their story and I care about the people, who work there!”

“I expect big brands to be digitally savvy, I don’t expect the same from smaller brands, but I do expect The Coca-Cola of the world to have the best website, the best social media offering, the best customer service.”



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