WFH to WFA: Working From Anywhere (Not Just Home)

by Tanya February 03, 2022

When the pandemic struck millions of us found ourselves suddenly having to work from home.

A recent survey conducted by the BBC showed that 70% of people did not expect to return to working from the office every day, as they did before. 

The nature of work is changing.

From the office to anywhere you want (and it doesn’t have to be home).

There is no need to stick to 9-5 either.

With Covid-19 pandemic, corporations have now embraced remote and flexible work schedule.

Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, Siemens, and State Bank of India have announced that they will make remote work permanent even after a vaccine is available 🤙🏽

This article can provide a guide to better understand how leaders can capture the upside of WFA (working from anywhere) while overcoming the challenges:

1. Stay reliably connected 

Having a decent home broadband connection is essential when working from home. You can check out broadband only packages without extras as these are cheaper yet are just as stable and reliable. There are however a few things you need to check before signing up with Broadband Genie:

Data limits and throttling

If you have to regularly download large files, choose a contract that has a data limit. It is surprising how fast you can burn through data when receiving images or videos. You also do not want to use a provider that routinely throttles (slows it down) your connection.

Reliable upload and download speed

A good download speed is essential if you receive large files regularly. This will also make  Zoom calls run smoothly.

Check the storage limit on your Mac or PC

One of the reasons your device is slowing down is. It could be something as simple as the amount of storage space; it’s worthwhile learning how to check macbook storage so you can avoid these problems.

Be prepared to pay a little more to get stability

If you live in an area where optic fibre or a cable is available, consider using one of those. The connection they provide is far more likely to be stable and reliable at all times of the day. Typically, these service providers will also offer you the option of paying a little more for faster upload and download speeds.

2. Make your data accessible anywhere

If you are a digital nomad and your computer breaks down, you’ll need to be able to access your documents on any device.

This means companies need to store their data in the cloud, where anyone can access information, no matter where it might be located.

By placing your data on the cloud, you can be certain that it is safe and well-protected, while also accessible by you from any devices with the right permissions.

You may also want to remote access your device. This means that you will be able to use everything that your computer has as if it was in front of you. Learning how to remote access your computer from another device can become really handy (and it is possible on devices like Macs!) Find out how to remote access your Mac here: https://setapp.com/

3. Eliminate all distractions

To be able to work from anywhere, you need to know what distracts you.

It could be background noise, or social media notifications, or anything else.

Once you know what distracts you, you can eliminate them so you can work from anywhere.

For example, if background noise distracts you, you can buy noise-cancelling ear phones.

These will block out some of that distracting sound that could be keeping you from work.

You can also put together a playlist of music that will help you concentrate. This could really help you to get in the zone allowing you to get your head down and properly work.

If you are a social media addict, you can download timed locks so you can’t access the apps.

No matter what the issue might be, there will be a solution you could try.

4. Boost your Wi-Fi connection

A slow Wi-Fi connection can be one of the most frustrating parts of trying to work from anywhere.

If you are at home or at work, you should be able to take advantage of a fairly good connection.

This might not be the case if you decide to work on a public Wi-Fi network or abroad somewhere in a remote location, where Wi-Fi is slow and unstable.

Some public Wi-Fi networks, such as those on public transport, etc have a lot of people working on the same network, which means the document upload and download speeds are so slow, it’s almost impossible for you to pass on files or data to colleagues and clients.

Investing in a portable Wi-Fi hotspot might be a good idea if you like to work in public places.

These can be surprisingly affordable, and it could mean that you are able to actually do your job properly anywhere you like.

 To effectively communicate during the meetings, use a quality portable microphone speaker. Portable conference speakers let you make business calls from just about anywhere – whether in the office or on the go.

5. Keep your workspace and devices decluttered

Maintain a clutter-free and organized workspace. This also applies to personal devices like laptops, too. Ensure that you maintain a neat filing system when working on your computer or work-related devices. That means deleting any unnecessary data to keep your devices running efficiently. There are various other computer speedup tips that help you keep your devices running smoothly and efficiently.

6. Find the quiet spaces to work in total silence

You may pride yourself on being able to work in the busiest of environments.

However, sometimes you need total silence.

It could be a café with a backroom that never gets busy, or a library, or even a coworking space. Find out where that quiet space is for you and use it when you need it.

Working effectively abroad can be challenging at first, but the 4 tips above will help you focused, and prepared for any technical disruptions.

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