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by Tanya October 29, 2017

Millennials haven’t had the best time making money.

The cost of education has skyrocketed, wages have stayed pretty much the same and housing is massively unaffordable to the average young person.

It’s not surprising that Millennials are struggling to stick with jobs. They are dissatisfied with a lot that more fortunate previous generations have left them with and they’re not scared to say speak their mind about it.

As a result of frustrating or dissatisfying employment, more and more Millennials in the UK are actively seeking ways how to make money themselves, without having to rely on anyone financially. Plus, you can choose your own hours, location and direction.

Online business is easy and cheap

The costs of starting an online business are at an all-time low. You don’t need to hire staff, hire premises, buy work equipment or pay bills.

Online business has no boarders, you can hire experts for a fraction of price from countries, where the cost of living is lower or outsource some parts of your business entirely, such as IT, areas that very few creative business people enjoy dealing with. There are managed IT services that will take matters out of your hands and spend their time maintaining all of your computer and telecommunication systems, allowing you to focus your attention and efforts somewhere else.

Start an online shop

If you have a great tangible or informational product to sell, why not set up an online shop?

Being online, means you can open yourself up to a global audience and sell to everyone in the world 24/7. The marketing opportunities online are endless and, frankly, more efficient and measurable than offline (we now Google everything before deciding to buy).

Start a blog

If you have an interest in travel, fashion, cooking, marketing or anything else, and you’re bursting with creativity, you should start a blog or vlog.

I’m a big believer in profiting from your passions and side-hustles, and with commitment and some time, you can make money by offering advertising space and reviews of products on your blog or vlogging channel.

Many popular bloggers create informational products, like self-published e-books, digital courses and provide coaching sessions on Skype etc.

The larger the blog’s audience, the higher the chance you have at creating a successful business out of it.

Making videos on Youtube is now a lucrative business. PewDiePie, the wealthiest YouTuber, has earned an estimated $124 million since 2010 on YouTube. As young people watch less TV, YouTubers are becoming the new celebrities and so the online influencer business is booming.

Offer your services online

If you have digital marketing, writing and video production & editing skills, you can find plenty of work without leaving a house.

You can join platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, YunoJuno, The Work Crowd, 90 seconds, ICUC, eModeration, LiveWorld, 99Social, Lithium etc.

Solopreneurship & lifestyle business trend

This internet-based working represents a new approach to business, where independence and autonomy matter just as much as money.

There are millions of Millennials, who are dreaming big and trying to keep themselves happy without having to have a 9-5 job.

Some of them start their own businesses without knowing all ins-and-outs of rigorous business planning or and gathering resources, rather they believe in self-execution of their ideas.

Independent professionals typically represent a new model of entrepreneurs, called solopreneurs, who …

  • Are highly-skilled self-employed workers without employers or employees, who offer specialised services of a knowledge-based (not time-based) natur
  • Can begin to trade immediately without any funding or a business plan and often learn business skills as they go
  • Solopreneurs have no intention of adding staff. They like working by themselves
  • Solopreneurs don’t wait for a buyout. Instead, they measure their business success in unconventional ways, balancing income generation with great lifestyle, flexibility and personal well-being
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