The Next Generation Of Global Consumers – 28. November In London

by Tanya November 02, 2014

Together with Talented Heads, I am finally hosting the event I’ve always wanted to organize – The Next Generation Of Global Consumers – HOW YOUNG’UNS ARE DISRUPTING THE RULES OF MARKETING.

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This is our first big Millennial consumer event to be held in a month – on the 28th of November in London. Don’t miss out! Register here.

We’ve picked a funky start-up venue Rainmaking Loft by the St Katharine Docks overlooking Tower Bridge.


Why this event?

When I first started working in the youth market, I couldn’t really find any meet-ups or events to attend and meet like-minded people. Soon I realized that young people in the UK don’t even identify themselves as Millennials like they do in the US.

Together with Talented Heads, we believe in the game-changing potential of Generation Y all over the world. We are proud representatives of this quirky generation and we want to help companies to understand us better … This event is the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

What to expect?


Definitely not your average marketing event! We won’t cover book knowledge that you can read everywhere. Our speakers are going to share real life challenges and practical tips you can apply to your business the minute you sit down at work desk the following Monday.

It’s going to be an interactive afternoon packed with honest talks, interviews, and fierce millennial vs brand panel sessions.

The rules of marketing are totally changed and it’s all Millennial’s fault. We want to explore the changing demands of the future consumer and answer questions like…

How to transform disloyal narcissistic consumer into a loyal one?

What does meaningful marketing exactly mean? How to deliver it?

P2P and collaborative consuming

Social selling, but how?

… and many more.

Why attend?

Rainmaking loftIf you want to be globally competitive, you can’t afford to ignore the youth market. It’s a huge untapped opportunity. There are more 23-year-olds than any other age, according to Census data.  The second most populous age group was 24, and the third was 22.

Millennial are entering their prime spending years. We are not just a of bunch of hipsters with smart phones taking selfies, but a grown-up cohort with $2.45 trillion annual spending power by 2015 (next year!)

The big brands are scrambling to entice the next generation of consumers, but many aren’t hitting the mark.

The wants and desires of this generation vary dramatically to those of previous generations, and understanding these demands holds the key to their wallets. Ignore the next generation of consumers at your peril, your businesses needs to adapt to the digital generation or fade into oblivion.

In a nutshell

Rainmaking loft 1New consumer is social/collaborative, passionate,in control and smart.

Brands need to understand that young’uns will buy what they sell themselves through creating/interacting with their peers.

Marketers need to start building communities, because an active and passionate disloyal Millennial can, funnily enough, be the most loyal evangelist selling your brand to their friends.

We have some amazing companies presenting at our event.

We’ll see you on the 28th by the Thames 😉


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