I’m A Tech-Fatigued Millennial

by Tanya May 18, 2014 Millennials as consumers

I'm a little tech-fatigued these days. I spend a lot of time online, and I hit my limit.

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Words Dumb People Use To Sound More Intelligent

by Tanya April 27, 2014 Millennials as consumers, The future of office

According to research big words, make people think you're even dumber.

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The Sexiness Of Being Busy: NOT

by Tanya April 08, 2014 The future of office

I used to work in a company, where being busy was a virtue. People cut back on sleep to be

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Improving Your Weaknesses Is A Waste Of Energy, Play To Your Strengths

by Tanya March 26, 2014 The future of office

Forget about improving your weaknesses, because you can never get great at things in which you are bad.

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What Did I Learn From My First Gen Y Hire? Don’t Be Like Me!

by Tanya March 18, 2014 The future of office

It's the gut feeling, plus the obvious.

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