Lesser-Known Benefits Of Studying & Working Abroad

by Tanya April 18, 2023

Study abroad programmes give you the opportunity to live and take classes in a foreign country for part of your college or university degree, without (much) delaying your graduation.

With globalisation and free trade, the share of internationally mobile students has grown dramatically over the past 20 years.

Globally, roughly 5 million students are studying outside their home countries every year, which is more than double since 2000 and triple since 1990.

The UK remains one of the leading choices for international students today, the British government has set a goal to recruit an additional 55000 international students by 2020.

So, aside from the typical – travelling and honing your language skills – what are the other lesser-known benefits of studying abroad?

International work or internship experience

Depending on your visa status, you may also have the chance to gain practical work experience abroad during or after your studies. With Immigration Advice Service (IAS) you can apply for global talent visa, which replaces the current Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) visa and is an immigration route designed for scientists, researchers, and qualifying foreign citizens to live and work in the UK.

The route provides a path towards accelerated permanent residence and is therefore an attractive visa for eligible applicants.

Additionally, one of the crucial steps if you’re planning to work in Canada, for example, is to be aware of the  LMIA requirements (exigences de l’EIMT), which is crucial for securing a work permit in Canada, as it demonstrates to the government that there is a genuine need for a foreign worker to fill a particular position and that no Canadian worker is available to perform the job.

Work experience abroad will definitely give you an advantage over your peers and impress hiring managers during job interviews.

Get a better job quicker

The Erasmus Impact Study reveals that students who have gone on an exchange, have better chances of finding a job after graduation.

The results also showed that around 65% of employers consider international experience important when hiring.

Over 90% of them are actively looking for transferable skills such as openness, problem-solving and decision-making – all of these are enhanced by studying abroad.

You learn about collaboration, different styles of working, and the ability to communicate effectively, which all help you to adapt to diverse workplaces.

NB! Axo Student Village is a modern accommodation for students facility available across the UK, including London.

Raise your cross-cultural competency

A recent report by the World Economic Forum Report, the Future of Jobs, named social skills and the ability to coordinate with others, as the top employability skill of the 21st-century.

Cross-cultural competency is one of the key skills for 2020 and beyond.

An interconnected and unpredictable world requires tolerance for ambiguity. We will have to learn to understand, appreciate and negotiate cultural differences in order to thrive in diverse environments.

When studying abroad, you have to adapt to the host culture – the more you allow yourself to see different viewpoints, the more mentally flexible and sensitive to other cultures you become.

By studying abroad, you’ll be more comfortable working with people from different backgrounds, value their experiences, and establish a stronger relationship with them.

Find work abroad with the help of an immigration lawyer

If you want to live and work abroad, find a job and a place to live first (some companies can sponsor talented/in-demand employees and help them with finding accommodation and getting visas).

However, sometimes you need to do it all yourself. People often complain that there’s a lot of contradictory information about visa and work requirements when they search Google or speak to friends.

If you’re struggling, check out an immigration lawyer that can help you to sort out your paperwork. Working with a professional means total peace of mind and no costly mistakes.

Develop your confidence & leadership skills

By immersing yourself in another culture and language, you’ll face many unexpected situations and challenges, which will help you to learn how to thrive in new environments, and consequently – improve your confidence.

Self-confidence is a basis for strong leadership and team management skills.

Knowing how to lead and inspire different people around you can help you establish stronger relationships and succeed in your career.

Travel experience without gap year costs

If you aren’t studying yet and are thinking about a gap year, consider this:

When you’re studying abroad, you will still have enough free time to have fun and really explore your host country and beyond. You are not limited to one place!

But apart from seeing the world, you’ll invest in yourself without delaying your graduation.

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. From increasing your global network to experiencing a new culture, the benefits to your life and career are significant.

Get the best grades

I got top grades in my final GCSE exams not because I am book-smart, but because I was street-smart enough to learn how to pass the exams.

Being smart and passing exams are two different skills.

In the United States, it’s normal to get tutoring and customised support to help you pass the exams. Unlike in the UK where you don’t have to pay to become doctor and nurse under NHS, in the USA the medical sector is privatised. Students pay tuition fees, so there are higher stakes when passing exams, especially for those who don’t come from money and have no financial support. They need to pass the exams to earn their profession.

Many medical students turn to platforms like Acemedboards to get tutored for USMLE, COMLEX & Shelf Exams.

On another note:

Not all smart people do well at school, so don’t feel bad or disappointed if your last year’s exams didn’t go well. I’ll be honest – I’ve used online essay writing service to help during stressful exam periods. 

If high grades are important to you – I would recommend RoyalEssays.

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