Brilliant Home Design Trends Millennials Started

by Tanya May 24, 2022

When it comes to decorating their homes, Millennials have been defining interior design for a while now.

From Millennial pink, mid-century modern, and tons of plants — there’s a good chance that you’ve been influenced by these trends, too.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most popular home interior design trends among Millennials and ways to implement them into your own home.

Style and harmony are just as important as functionality

Millennials have different priorities than other generations when it comes to their homes. To them, a function and style are equally important. Moreover, the style has to fit the rest of the items and colours of the room and a house. For example,  display cabinets for your diningroom should stylistically complement the rest of the items in the room. Nothing should be random and even functional everyday items should be visually appealing.

Practicality and comfort as a stylistic choice

Millennials want their homes to be practical and efficient. This means built-in storage, hidden outlets, and smart home technology are all design elements that appeal to Millennials.

If you’re not sure how to make your home more functional, consider hiring a professional home designer.

They will be able to help you create a space that is both stylish and practical.

Minimalism as a functionality

Minimalism is actually about functionality, ease of access to everyday things, and convenience.

Minimalism is not about having no things, it’s about having as many things as you need to live life comfortably, but not more than you need. So make sure your home is designed in a way that makes sense for the way you live.

Minimal, uncluttered design is probably the most popular Millennial design trend.

Millennials are drawn to simple, clean lines and a minimal aesthetic.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, you can still add pops of color and personality to your space.

In addition, there is something soothing about entering a neat, empty home that focuses more on functionality than looks.

However, this is not to say that your home should look like a showroom; rather, it should be designed in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. One of the easiest ways to do so is to choose white, or natural colors.

Sustainable and energy-efficient homes

Millennials are the most environmentally conscious generation. When it comes to home design, they are looking for sustainable materials and energy-efficient appliances.

If you want to go green, there are many ways to do so without sacrificing style. You could buy furniture made from recycled materials, choose energy-efficient appliances, install solar panels, or add green roofs, etc.

Vintage and second-hand furniture is also in vogue because Millennials are concerned about the environmental impact of fast fashion and furniture, and are seeking everlasting pieces with elegance and charm.

Multifunctional spaces

Millennials are drawn to homes with flexible spaces. For example, a dining room that can also be used as a study, or a living room that is also a dining room.

Or a room that can be used as an office one day and a guest room the next.

Flexible spaces are not only convenient, but they also allow you to get more use out of your home. And, if you ever decide to sell, flexible spaces are very appealing to buyers.

Smart technology homes

Millennials are one of the most tech-savvy generations. This is the first generation that grew up with social media, smartphones, and tablets.

When it comes to home design, Millennials are looking for homes that are equipped with the latest technology. Smart home features like security systems, thermostats, and lighting controls are becoming increasingly popular among Millennials.

If you want to appeal to Millennial buyers, make sure your home is up-to-date with the latest tech trends.

Home as an extension of your personality

Last but not least, millennials want their homes to reflect their unique personalities.

They are drawn to homes that are personalised and have custom features.

If you’re looking to appeal to millennial buyers, consider adding custom details to your home. For example, you could add a mural to your living room or install custom cabinets in your kitchen.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to personalising your home. So, get creative and have fun with it.

Final words

These are just a few of the many trends that Millennials started and continue to love.

In short: Millennials love considered, functional, comfortable, sustainable, flexible, smart, and personalised homes.

Are you a true Millennial? How many of these Millennial decor trends have you considered in your home?

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