Gen Z VS Millennial Interior Design Trends: The Difference

by Tanya October 24, 2023

Gen Z and Millennials have changed interior design trends quite drastically in 10 years.

However, their styles are different.

From neutrals and minimalist, to bold eccentricity – let’s compare the tastes of the two generations:

Gen Z’s japandi is Millennial scandi

While Millennials obsessed over stylistically clean nordic design, Gen Z love to combine styles and mix Asian styles with European.

Japandi interior style is a design trend that blends elements of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian design.

Photo: global.fujioh.com


What makes Japandi different from just Scandi iterior design?

Beautiful craftsmanship with an emphasis on quality handmade pieces and natural materials like wood, linen, bamboo – no throwaway, cheap products from Ikea. And emphasis on sustainability, greenery and nature – eco-friendly aesthetics.

Gen Z’s vintage furniture is Millennial Ikea

Both 2nd hand and Ikea furniture are cheap or affordable.

Gen Z would rather spend more time looking for that one perfect item than go to Ikea.

Gen Z is big on DIY and upcycling. They love creating their own unique pieces and repurposing old items.

This trend is driven by a desire for sustainability and a rejection of mass-produced, cookie-cutter design.

Gen Z loves vintage and retro pieces. This includes everything from mid-century modern furniture to industrial style. This trend is driven by a desire for a unique and individualistic style, as well as sustainability and nostalgia.

eBay is a goldmine for gorgeous vintage and one-of-a-kind mid-century furniture.

Gen Z’s shabby chic is Millennial lux

One of the stark differences between the Millennial and Gen Z age groups is the obsession with luxury.

According to research by Ideal Home, Millennials (who are more likely to use Facebook) consistently search for items like ‘lux outdoor lighting or minimalux’ on Facebook Marketplace.

Minimalux is the crème de la crème of home decor for a middle-aged Millennial.

But what can that look like in a modern-day home? It might be jazzy accent lighting features rather than simplistic yet visually perfect subtle lighting.

Yes, ascent lighting is in, but not bejewelled twirling ascent lighting – sorry, Millennials.

It might be rug-adorned carpet instead of oak laminate flooring, which, by the way, is easier to clean, has a lifespan of up to 25 years, and looks like real wood.

It might be a plush velvet leather sofa instead of a simple but effective Ikea standard leather sofa.

Gen Z’s large standout art piece is Millennial gallery wall

When Millennials loved a gallery wall, Gen Z like to hang 1 big artwork on their wall.

Oversized statement piece of art that demands attention is a trend that’s on the rise.

The trend has shifted towards warm textured abstract paintings. These paintings are characterized by their use of warm, earthy colors and the incorporation of texture to create a tactile quality that enhances the sensory experience of the viewer.

Gen Z’s character is Millennial minimalism

Minimalism is still a trend, but what you’ll undoubtedly notice in a Gen Zs homes is more self-expression and character.

Bolder colours on the wall, captivating artwork, and a little bike in the corner of the room purely for decor.

Minimalism still transcends into the Gen Z home but in a different form. Gen Z homes are still uncluttered, but not quite as sterile and neat as Millennials, who want their homes to look like hotel rooms.

Adding personal touches such as bedroom wall art that reflects individual tastes can create a space that feels both modern and welcoming. This kind of bedroom wall art can be a focal point that pulls a room together, making it as unique as the person who lives there.

Gen Z’s complementary accessories are Millennials’ sentimental items

The Millennial home is often adorned with sentimental items, like photos of family members, postcards of travel, little trinkets for potpourri, and endless Willow Tree ornaments.

This can create a bit cluttered, random, and uncoordinated look to the home.

Gen Z love accessorising, but they focus on items that compliment the overall interiors, for example unique sculptures, candle holders, tapestry, a bike on a wall – anything that adds to the vibe and aesthetic of the home.

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