Checklist: 6 Ways To Make Your Car Last Longer

by Tanya August 11, 2018

Millennials and Gen Z have to work much harder than previous generations to reach financial security.

Currently, car ownership is geared against Millennials in the UK, however, there are some simple ways you can care for your car so it will last longer.

As a vehicle owner, you need to prioritize several costs and responsibilities. If you don’t, vehicle value will plummet over time, and if you’ve purchased your car with the help of finance, you could even find yourself dealing with negative equity.

Negative equity refers to instances where a car’s value is less than the amount owed for the vehicle.

Maintaining vehicle value is crucial to avoid negative equity and to ensure you can resell your vehicle later on or trade it in for a discount on your next vehicle.

To help you care for your car, we’ve listed some essential priorities for all vehicle owners.

1. Prioritise car maintenance and repairs

Regular car maintenance services are essential if you want your car to last long.

We recommend checking these as regularly as possible, perhaps every two weeks:

  • fuel
  • oil
  • rubber (tyres and wiper blades)
  • coolant
  • electrics
  • screen wash
  • engine air filter
  • spark plug (petrol engines only)
  • brakes
  • air conditioning
  • interiors
  • exteriors

These periodic services will keep your car’s engine healthy and performing well. If you neglect these essential maintenance services, your vehicle won’t last as long as it should, and its value will decrease astronomically.

Your car will also need major repairs as lack of services will lead to degradation of engine components.

Check the owner’s manual to determine a suitable maintenance schedule, and prioritise any repair needs as soon as they emerge. These efforts will help you effectively keep your car in pristine condition.

2. Keep your car clean

Keep your car clean and tidy. Unfortunately, neglecting routine car washes can degrade the interior and cosmetic appearance of your vehicle over time.

If your vehicle is dirty, it will be difficult to identify cosmetic concerns like rust, which leaves the issues to develop into costly problems.

Keeping your car clean will uphold value by maintaining the cosmetic appeal of your vehicle.

3. Diesel fuel is environmentally friendlier

Diesel delivers more power at lower engine revs than their petrol equivalent. This makes diesel feel more suited to longer motorway trips because they’re not working as hard as petrol engines to produce the same performance.

Diesel cars give you better mpg than petrol ones because diesel fuel contains more energy than the same volume of petrol.

CO2 emissions are directly linked to how much fuel an engine uses so diesel cars emit less CO2 than equivalent petrol cars.

If you are a company working with diesel fuel, consider diesel generator rental services. SIA’s power generators can be used in commercial applications such as transport, agriculture, mining, hospitals, offices, and datacentres.

4. Be a safe driver

How you drive affects the engine of your car. So, if you’re speeding and driving recklessly, your car’s engine is under immense pressure and won’t last as long as it should.

Moreover, incorrectly shifting gears, braking hard, and using clutch incorrectly can also damage the engine.

Adopt safe driving habits and keep to the speed limit. You can improve your driving skills by taking additional lessons, practicing defensive driving, and avoiding being distracted.

5. Purchase car insurance

Auto insurance is a mandatory policy for all drivers. A car insurance policy protects drivers from things like theft, accidents, and other costly instances related to owning a vehicle.

Read more about some brilliant yet often overlooked ways to save money on car insurance.

Additionally – a car policy can help you maintain the value of your vehicle when unpredictable and unavoidable costs arise.

6. Park safely in covered locations overnight

If your car is secure from weather damage, theft, and vandalism, your insurance premiums will decrease because where you park impacts vehicle value.

Parking your car in a garage keeps it dry, clean, and safe, reducing the risks of accidental damage, vandalism, and theft.

It can even cut your insurance premium, too. If you don’t have use of a garage, consider buying a high-quality car cover instead – particularly if you leave your car parked for long periods of time.

Final words

Taking proper care of your car will maintain its value because you keep it in a reliable condition.

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