5 Hobbies You Can Actually Monetise While at College

by Tanya July 14, 2022

The time at university can be one of the most inspiring and productive years of your life. While most of your first year will be spent partying and having fun, eventually you’ll have to focus on acquiring new skills and overall expanding your horizons.

And one great way to build new skills is learning new hobbies.

We put together a list of 5 hobbies that will help you make some extra cash, which is important when it comes to university life.

If you’re going to a university that focuses on employability and tangible professional skills like Writtle College courses, then having something fun and creative to do on the side will not only provide a nice way to unwind and relax but it can also lead to an additional stream of income.

#1 Start blogging

The best way to improve your writing is to write regularly.

In my opinion, blogging about something you’re passionate about is the best way to improve your writing.

You can start a lifestyle blog, where you share ideas and inspiration, but you can also start a review blog.

Blogging forces you to edit and rethink how you phrase your ideas because you know others are reading.

So, if you have an interest in travel, fashion, cooking, marketing, or anything else, and you’re bursting with creativity, you should start a blog.

I’m a big believer in profiting from your passions and side-hustles, and with commitment and some time, you can make money by offering advertising space and reviews of products on your blog or vlogging channel.

Think about your future: resume writing, future work e-mails, client engagements –all involve writing, so it’s a universally good skill to have.

#2 Take up photography

Consider getting good at taking beautiful photos. Pursuing photography as a hobby can be very fulfilling, inspiring, and relaxing.

One of the best ways to be a hobbyist is you don’t have anyone paying you to take their photos which means you can take photos only you want to take.

I’ve always believed that the best way to learn how something works is to just get out and start doing it. You don’t anyone permission or money to do something.

If you want to get into fashion and commercial photography, you will be working on sets and handle expensive equipment. Many commercial photographers get photography insurance which will protect them from big claims like injury or damage caused to someone else on the set, peace of mind that their expensive gear is covered in the case of theft, loss, or damage, as well as a safety net to help them handle the consequences of unhappy clients who don’t pay them.

#3 Learn to code

One of the most in-demand skills today is knowing how to code. To get a head-start in this popular skill, Code Academy is one of those free platforms, where you can learn how to code in languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, and more.

If data is your big passion, head straight to Datacamp. It has a wide range of courses only dedicated to data science and analysis.

Coding is one of the best-paying jobs out there. And the best part is – the world’s best programmers are self-thought 😉

#4 Experiment with cooking

Cooking is an interesting hobby for many reasons. You become healthier, spend less money, and become more patient in all aspects of your life.

As a student, you’re probably surviving on fast food, coffee, and ramen noodles.

So, grab a pan and start experimenting with your favourite dishes and develop your own style of cooking.

#5 Gardening is great for relieving stress

Gardening is the best way to distress after a long day at university.

Not many people know, but you can make money from gardening by promoting and selling plants. All you have to do is to create an Instagram or TikTok page and start promoting.

Additionally, having a successful online presence is an amazing way to attract brand partnerships.

Finally: Money saved is money earned

Money saved is money earned. Money managed is money multiplied.

You can save money at home on heating, electricity, broadband, and other bills.

Students can reduce some of their expenses, such as internet costs when looking at what broadband for students is available.

How can you save money at home?

• Turn down your heat two degrees in winter and air conditioning up two degrees in summer, and use a digital thermostat to ensure consistency and accuracy.

• Turn off lights and unplug unused appliances to battle energy drain.

• Cancel your cable and home phone subscriptions and rely on internet TV and your cell phone instead.

How can you save money on food?

• Minimise eating out

• Plan meals ahead of time to avoid impulse buys at the grocery store

Eat all of your leftovers – they make great next-day lunches

How to save money on clothing, shoes, and beauty products?

• Don’t throw out makeup or hygiene products until they’re completely gone – you won’t believe how much toothpaste is left in that tube or how much longer you can keep spritzing that nearly-empty perfume bottle!

• Buy vintage – websites like TheRealReal.com are a godsend for finding authentic, low-priced, beautifully crafted, and ethically made designer clothing that lasts and lasts.

• Sell what you don’t need on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

How to get the best interest rates on a home or a car?

• Keep your credit score high by always paying loan statement balances in full and on time.

• Put down as big of a down payment as possible when buying a house or a car.

• Keep credit card balances below 10% of your total available credit.

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