How to Be Less Bratty at Work: Advice for Millennials

by Tanya May 12, 2019
nobody gives a fuck about your feelings

If people at work think you’re entitled, spoilt, narcissistic, unfocused and irrational, then keep reading …

This may sound harsh, but this ‘bratty Millennial’ stereotype doesn’t come from an empty place.

Many of us act as if the world owes us something just because we exist.

I’m sure you notice this trait among some of your peers.

Millennials are challenging the status quo in the workplace and the management is trying everything they can to keep them content.

But it’s a massive headache.

• They want to be paid more, but they lack the experience.

• They don’t like to be criticized for their attitude and work, but they want to improve.

Heck, some can’t even be bothered to call in sick. Check how companies deal with this here.

etc etc

These Millennials forget that the success they want is earned not given.

To avoid becoming one of these bratty Millennials, consider these points below:

1. Others have the experience, you don’t

You cannot be whatever you want to be, at least now.

Chances are, your boss worked hard to get to where they are, you are probably just starting out or are mid-way through your career.

Your time in the sun will come. But right now, you and are not equal with more senior people in your company.

Show some awareness and respect for other people’s experience, and things should go really well.

2. You are never too good for ‘thank you’

Nobody is too good for ‘thank you’. Have gratitude and respect.

When you’re thankful for the time someone gives you in answering your questions, they’re more likely to help you out down the road.

Showing gratitude is the best (and the easiest) way to build positive relationships at work.

Greeting your co-workers with a warm smile also increases the energy, lightens up the mood and improve your own self-confidence in the workplace.

3. You are not that special, so alter your perspective

The root of this problem of feeling special and better than others comes from failed parenting and participation trophies.

This is a comforting lie parents have been telling their children to boost their morale in school.

Unfortunately, Millennials in the workplace are now convinced it’s actually true :/

The truth is, you cannot be whatever you want to be just because you want it.

To alter your perspective, you must look at your surroundings and observe people. There are people who would kill for the job and lifestyle you have.

Then there are those, who are having deep family problems while juggling stressful work.

Complaining and demanding a special treatment just because you ‘want want want it’ is immature, selfish and annoying.

PRO TIP: Next time you have to make a tough decision at work, stay calm and look at your options. Don’t panic or overreact.

4. Your feelings are largely irrelevant

Nobody cares about your feelings, so avoid victimhood mentality at work.

Feelings are entirely subjective in nature, which means it’s completely unreasonable to demand everyone tip-toe around you to prevent yours from being hurt.

The reality is that people will offend you and hurt your feelings, you just need to learn to take yourself less seriously (I know it can be hard).

By avoiding this ‘victimhood mentality’ and acting like a stable and responsible adult, you will stand out from your fellow Millennial co-workers and advance quicker in your career.

4. Cultivate a growth mindset

Mindset is what separates the winners from the ordinary people.

Your mindset affects your attitude to work.

Growth mindset is all about believing that your abilities and intelligence will improve with continuous effort and grit.

Fixed mindset, on the other hand, is about believing that certain skills and traits cannot be changed.

People with a fixed mindset also believe that talent alone is the secret to success (which is prevalent thinking in young people today)

A great way to develop a growth mindset is to learn something new every single day.

You must accept that you are not perfect, however, you should also accept that you can improve by putting in work.

5. Have confidence in your work and yourself

A person who is confident in his work can take any type of criticism.

Millennials are known to have zero confidence because they are used to cheat their way in schools.

They wrongly think that having high grades in school will affect their status at work.

In a high-pressure workplace, your superiors don’t care about your grades. They only care about how well you do your work in a certain time-frame.

Don’t be afraid when someone criticizes your work. It is valuable feedback that will make you better.

FINAL TIP before you go: Entitlement backed by zero confidence and self-esteem is worthless, so work on becoming better at your work and being more gracious and aware.

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  • Anonymous

    damn this hit hard …………

  • Carl

    That’s a good attitude to have! People at work don’t care about you, if you think like that, you’re not gonna be dissapointed

  • Sabrina

    I love your writing