how to cope with redundancy

Dissatisfied With Your Job? Here Are Your Options

by Tanya March 17, 2023 The future of office

Ask for voluntary redundancy to buy some time.

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mobile coffee shop

2 Risk-Free Ways to Start a Coffee Shop Business on a Budget

by Tanya November 16, 2022 Make money online

You heard it here first.

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Why The Key To Millennial Job Satisfaction Lies With SMEs

by Tanya November 02, 2021 The future of office

You’re a person, not a number.

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nobody gives a fuck about your feelings

How to Be Less Bratty at Work: Advice for Millennials

by Tanya May 12, 2019 The future of office

Your feelings are too much.

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Busy Trying To Become Who I Am: On Being A Millennial

by Tanya October 28, 2015 Make money online

We deserve to find fulfillment through work, not in spite of it.

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