Is Physical Marketing Still Worth It?

by Tanya July 27, 2023

The digital revolution has changed the world of marketing dramatically.

Consumers are more informed than ever before and trust their peers online over brands.

As such, physical marketing has been left behind in favor of digital options. 

However, there is still value in physical marketing. With so many businesses moving towards digital mediums for marketing their brand, it’s understandable why some smaller or even medium-sized businesses might think that physical marketing isn’t worth it anymore.

Let’s look at how can physical marketing help your business grow in the modern era.

What is physical marketing?

Physical marketing (also known as traditional marketing) uses physical space to market a brand. For example newspapers and magazines, billboards, leaflets, trade shows, press releases, and vouchers.

This type of marketing was pretty much the only type available to marketers until the Internet boom.

Is physical marketing still worthwhile?

Most of the reasons that physical marketing was used in the first place still apply today. Before the internet even existed, brands would use billboards, print advertisements, live events, and more to reach their audience. These are still highly effective ways of getting your message out there. Let’s look into each one in more detail. 

In fact, appearing on billboards and magazine covers today positions your brand as a high-end and recognizable provider in the eyes of consumers.

This is because that area is not oversaturated. So, it’s easier to stand out.

Physical marketing is an excellent tool for building a trusted brand.

People still drive – a billboard placed in a high-traffic area can make thousands of people see your logo every day. 

Audiences are still mostly passive – rather than actively seeking out the latest deals, people are often browsing while doing other tasks. Physical marketing campaigns can be seen while waiting in line, sitting in traffic, or while relaxing at home.

Physical marketing might not have the speed or impact of digital marketing, but it will still aid your company, and so is definitely worthwhile. 

Physical marketing ideas and examples

1. Posters in a public space

You could pay to have your ads shown in public, but you could also just ask a shop owner’s permission to stick your poster on their wall/window. Some may oblige happily, others may want to be paid for this, which is more than reasonable if you are hoping to profit from their spotlight.

If you can come to an agreement with a shop on a high street, for example, this will no doubt offer great potential benefits to your cause simply due to the number of views it will get from the heavy footfall which most high streets will experience on a daily basis.

All you need is a quality online printer from a SAAS (software-as-a-service) provider like Instant Print.

2. Exhibition booth stand

Ensure that your stand attracts the attention of attendees and draws them in to learn more about your company.

To achieve this, you need to carefully consider the presentation of your stand. The exhibition graphics that you choose will play a vital role in the success of your trade show attendance.

You need graphics that communicate the professionalism of your business and entice attendees to find out more, all while representing your brand.

3. Brand mascots 

A brand mascot is a character or avatar that represents a brand.

Often it serves as an ambassador of a company, product, or service.

Companies use brand mascots to promote their advertising and marketing strategies. It can make your brand more attractive, engaging, and recognizable to customers.

Mascots are a great way to let your customers know who you are.

You can use your mascot in a variety of ways, including events, stickers, t-shirts, clothing, or other items that can be sold in stores.

While most people will visit your website, others will find your mascot in stores. This gives customers a reason to visit your physical location, as well as shop online.

A good example of this is the Michelin Man. While he isn’t a person, he is a tire with arms and legs. Your mascot doesn’t need to be realistic, but it needs to be easily identifiable.

4. Samples

If you sell a physical product, you can offer samples that give your customers a taste of what you have to offer.

If you are a car dealer, for example, you could have a small car sitting in a parking lot. Customers can get their hands on the car and test out features like acceleration or brakes. 

If you are a dentist, you could offer free teeth whitening services to show that you are trustworthy.

You can use samples to your advantage in different ways: leave them out in public areas, or hand them out to people that you meet in shops or on the streets.

You can even include samples with products that you sell.

5. Branded cards or calendars

Cards and calendars are a great way to get your brand out there and make yourself memorable. You can include coupons, dates, or other call-to-action items on these items, making them more useful than a card you might toss away.

Cards are widely used during holidays and other gift-giving occasions. You can include your logo or friendly slogan on the card and make sure that it stays with the recipient even after they’ve used up their gift. 

Calendars are another great item to use for physical marketing. You can include coupons or dates of importance on the calendar.

You can also create special calendars for certain groups like moms or teachers.

Calendars are a great gift for families or loved ones.

They’re also a great way for businesses to stay on people’s minds every day without being too pushy.

Shops like printerinks.com is a compatible ink cartridge seller where you can buy printing supplies in bulk for a reasonable price.

6. Coupons and loyalty program

By offering coupons, loyalty programs, special discounts, and more you’re making clients feel privileged while boosting leads and sales.

Advertise the incentives and you’ll even get the attention of prospective clients who have never heard of you before.

Interesting ways you could run sales to make your main target audience feel extra special:

  • Pick out a specific demographic (freshmen, moms, newlyweds) and give them their own sale week
  • Partner with other stores in your area to offer discounts that work together; for example, some smaller movie theaters offer discounts on dinner at a local restaurant if you show your ticket stub 
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