Why Are Millennials So Fascinated With Custom Wall Art?

by Tanya October 17, 2020

In their quest for meaning, self-improvement, and freedom, the largest group of consumers values experiences above material possessions.

Millennials will be remembered as a demographic that shifted trends and transformed the workplace and how we perceive art.

Their nomadic lifestyle, side hustle culture, passion for craft beer, and sustainability reflect on their clothing, accessories, social media posts, and the walls of their homes.

What makes this cohort display nostalgic moments, values, and principles on photo canvas prints of all sizes?

Is it only a fad, or is the trend here to stay? And most importantly, why is custom art so alluring to millennials? Keep on reading to find out why and uncover a special discount code.

Canvas prints are timeless

Available as a versatile art medium since the 16th century, canvas prints have always been popular.

They have become a standard decoration, gaining even more terrain with the development of custom prints. In their attempt to express their personalities and beliefs, millennials have been spicing up hanging canvases around their homes and rental spaces.

As a timeless classic, a framed photo print is a popular addition to any house or office space. The sleek, classic design will look remarkable in any space – office, lounge, reception area, or home.

Framed art is ideal for seekers of a polished finish, elegance, and a feel of meaningful luxury.

For those who favour simplicity, a beautiful canvas print perfectly stretched on a wooden frame is enough. Its borders can become part of the design, contribute to visually incorporating the art within the environment, or achieve the opposite effect by making it pop in a pleasing manner.

Custom art has become affordable

Gone are the days when only the rich and famous had access to custom art.

Most people nowadays can afford to order a vibrant reproduction of their favourite picture.

As consumers that dictate market rules, the products Millennials prefer include art displays that are far from cliche.

It complements their other choices, from mini houses on wheels to environmentally-friendly products and merchandise that encourages self-expression.

Customers have all the tools to communicate what they need and get exactly what they expect.

Showcasing a stunning landscape from a trip, hanging a family portrait, or a witty motivational quote in the living room is a wonderful way to keep what truly matters in plain sight.

And besides art prints being more available than ever, MYPICTURE.co.uk offers our readers an additional 15% off. Enter the code LUCKY15 to activate the discount that makes an authentic narrative on canvas even more affordable.

Imagine all the possibilities, with their quality prints starting as low as £6.00 per unit.

Although Millennials may earn less than the previous generation, the market has adjusted to their spending preferences. You don’t necessarily need a thick wallet to elevate your home with a canvas print, as there are enough product options to meet any budget.

A Tasteful mix of opposites

The mindful generation stops the time with custom pictures artfully displayed on pristine canvases that can make a place feel cosier.

Unlike a heartless code forgotten on a dusty hard drive, real-life experiences invite a unique atmosphere that can be classy or hip, or why not a combination of the two?

Easy to mount and carrying sentimental value, a canvas print unleashes one’s creativity.

To some extent, Millennials prefer custom art prints because they reflect themselves in terms of freedom, expression, and style.

Fancy a design upgrade? Use the discount code LUCKY15 on MYPICTURE.co.uk to shave off 15% of your purchase. You have until December 31st, 2022 to do so.

With devices that capture life’s best moments and an intuitive interface with a few product choices, the perfect print for your living room, hallway, or office space is only a few clicks away.


Few things compare in value to something you create yourself.

Mixing technology with personal preferences, you can make original, artful presents for your loved ones. Despite the rise of digital media, printed products are perceived as more valuable and thoughtful than digital options.

That fact alone makes canvases, framed or with a beautiful edge design, elegant gifts that invite unique aesthetics into one’s home.

On top of that, custom prints carry sentimental value and warmth. Your close ones will surely appreciate the time and effort in creating a personalised gift.

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