On-The-Go Lifestyle Of Frantic Millennials

by Tanya February 19, 2018

Can I ask you a question:

When was the last time you had a spare few hours to yourself to do nothing at all?

After balancing a demanding job, running a blog & catching up with friends, I have to almost force myself to find some time to unwind, read a book, or watch a movie.

Even going for a walk without listening to a podcast, feels like wasting time.

We find it difficult to relax because we treat that time as unproductive.

Resting time doesn’t help us to fulfill our potential as employees, business owners, or parents.

So, we’re always on-the-go, moving forward to pursue our dreams.

On-the-go lifestyle allows for remote working

Even though stressful, I’ve actually benefited a lot from the on-the-go life.

It has allowed me to work remotely, where and when I want.

I split my time between London and Estonia, which means I can have my foot in many doors and cross-pollinate ideas and contacts internationally.

Mobile working arrangements have also allowed me to pursue multiple careers, where I can work on different projects simultaneously, rather than have one routine 9-5 office job.

This is a dream if you’re culture-obsessed, entrepreneurial & anti-establishment, like me 🙂

In the UK, there are already an estimated 5 million full-time employees on flexible working hours, and technological advances will only make remote working easier, meaning employees are increasingly able to dictate the course of their day.

Consumer habits of the on-the-go Millennials

Consumer trends suggest that the pace of modern life does not seem to be slowing – mainly due to the ever-growing mobility of consumers.

As lives get even busier and more mobile, people want smarter ways of maximizing their time.

Consumers expect hyper-convenience!

If a product or service isn’t easy to use, it is simply not worth the time investment.

To stay relevant, brands must seamlessly fit into people’s busy on-the-move lives, providing a fuss-free experience.

It brings together new, portable products and subscription boxes with smart channels of distribution, ensuring that a product is exactly where the consumer is, whenever they want it.

Take Monzo – the on-the-go bank of the future, which allows digital nomads (and everyone else) pay, get paid and use ATM-s across the world for free;

or portable homes and furniture, that are really sci-fi cool at the moment.

Bringing back the un-sexy (nostalgia trend)

As an antidote to pathological busyness and unneeded stress, many Millennials have turned away from consumerism settling for simpler, more sentimental times (and real, intimate relationships).

They are choosing to stay at home, cook dinner with friends, and open a good bottle of red wine instead of frequent nightclubs and happy hours.

We live in a world of so much “stuff” and are constantly connected to technology – it’s overwhelming.

It may be that for some people, a home isn’t something they can carry around, but territorial, nostalgic, and full of memories.

This doesn’t mean that those more traditional Millennials don’t travel, aren’t adventurous, or don’t live abroad.

They do.

But instead of carrying around portable houses, they choose to live in real homes and have their furniture shipped with TNT.

Being old-fashioned is so retro-cool 🙂

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