5 Fierce Reasons To Change Career This Year

by Tanya January 01, 2023
flexible working over pay rise

New year, new career.

There are more reasons to change careers than just flipping over the calendar.

Below are 5 fierce reasons people make a career change.

1. You are bored and need a challenge

Once you hit the 5-year mark in one job, things can start to get a little stale, especially if your role hasn’t expanded with a promotion or more responsibility.

Your current position may not offer the right opportunities or perhaps you like your job but just want a change of scene.

Adding new skills to your resume could enhance your existing job or open the door to a fresh new career and it’s never been easier to learn online and then work from home if that’s your ultimate goal.

Flexible remote training which can fit around your existing work commitments and domestic schedule means that now anyone can upskill and move on.

2. You are tired of the 9-to-5 and want a flexible schedule

You might have enjoyed home or hybrid working during the lockdown and now want to make this a permanent feature. Since the pandemic, lots of people have been exploring new ways to work.

We are moving away from work being a place you go to sell your labour to generating income independently.

Home working isn’t all plain sailing but one of its real advantages is that it can make it easier to balance work with family commitments.

Find yourself a new job/income that offers hybrid working or retrain for a different role that can be done remotely.

3. A new focus/ hobby/ commitment that takes lots of time

Working for money is overrated.

A shift in your life doesn’t necessarily mean you want a new job, you may simply want to work less, so you can dedicate more time to something else.

It can be a family commitment, a hobby, a personal goal or challenge, etc.

Perhaps you want to enrol for a university degree, or start your own business?

Maybe you want some time out to travel and need a remote job you can take with you or a new career where you can work flexibly for yourself rather than be employed.

Going from full-time employment to part-time or even freelancing, to free up hours for something else is proving increasingly popular even amongst hardened career addicts.

We are moving away from work as an activity to work as an identity.

4. Fulfilling a long-cherished dream

Way back then, there was a dream of doing something special, a dream which got swept away in the reality of real life and mortgage payments.

Often, people get to a certain point in their lives (usually a crisis of some sort) and it’s time to revisit that dream.

The development of technology has allowed many more people to reach for the stars, whether that is training for a new career or developing a skill that has nothing to do with their current job, giving life to ambition or wish that has taken a back seat.

5. Life’s too short, experiment as much as you can

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

By choosing to live your life as an experiment you are committing yourself to growth and development.

Don’t let an old stale job ruin your adventurous spirit.

The wrong job also spills over your personal life. The wrong job can seriously impact overall life satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

A change in career or a new focus can be liberating, creating a positive mindset and other spin-off benefits like more time with family, friends, and hobbies.

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