Need To Send A Parcel Overseas? Don’t Overlook These Requirements

by Tanya January 18, 2022

There are a few things to keep in mind when sending a parcel overseas.

From packaging to filling in a customs form and choosing the shipping method, let’s discuss them all.

1. Pack your parcel well

It’s important to pack your parcel well because sending any kind of item overseas can be risky. If you don’t, it will probably get damaged on its way to the destination country. This is especially common when you send parcel to Australia which is a very far journey.

If you send an item like a vase or glass jar, make sure that it is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed in a strong box. You don’t want it to get smashed into pieces during transit. Make sure your parcel is packed securely by using strong packing materials like bubble wrap, newspaper, and foam peanuts.

2. Fill in a customs declaration form

You should also include all necessary documents, as every international shipment can include any all of three documents (depending on whether you are sending a gift or merchandise)

  1. A customs form filled out with relevant information 
  2. An invoice or bill of lading (the consignee – recipient needs this document) 
  3. The commercial invoice (with pertinent details for the receiver)

Make sure all documents are included whenever possible (i.e., customs forms, invoices, etc.).

3. Choose the right shipping method

The type of shipping method you choose will depend on the weight and size of your parcel, as well as other factors like value, fragile items, etc.

Here are some common shipping methods to consider: 

Air Parcel Post – if you’re sending an item that is lightweight (up to 2 kg), then this might be a suitable option for you. However, choosing this route isn’t always the cheapest choice, since airmail rates fluctuate depending on where you’re sending your package to and what it weighs.

For example, if you were shipping something light from Canada to the USA, delivery could take anywhere between 1-3 weeks while airmail rates start at $20. On the other hand, sending an item light from Canada to Thailand might cost more than $50.

Sea Parcel Post – it’s important to note that sea parcels are sent by sea freight and can take up to 2-3 months for delivery. For items weighing less than 100kg, this could be a lower-cost option compared to airmail. However, keep in mind that there is no tracking or insurance available with this shipping method. 

• Air Freight – This type of shipping is usually used for larger items (over 100kg). Items are transported via airplane depending on their size and value. The rate should depend on distance, but you’ll have to pay extra costs like customs clearance fees as well as import taxes. Just like airmail, the delivery time is also dependent on location. For example, sending an item from Canada to Australia will take more or less 10 days with this shipping method.

If you’re not sure about which one is best for your needs, contact a local international shipping company – they’ll be able to provide recommendations and help you figure out what’s best for your particular needs.

4. Choose a reliable shipping company

There are different international shipping companies to choose from. You should always do your research and compare rates before settling on a company so that you can find an option that offers affordable rates without compromising service quality.

Furthermore, you should choose a reputable company that has been in business for several years, so you can rest assured of getting reliable customer service if anything goes wrong during shipment or delivery. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a reputable international shipping company: 

•  A good idea is to check out the Better Business Bureau website, which will show you whether or not there are any unresolved customer complaints against the company.

•  Verify the experience of the company by checking their online reviews and testimonials, as well as looking up some companies on Google Maps for an exact location. You can also find out more about their freight services by calling them up directly to find out more about their policies and procedures. 

• Ask some friends who have experience shipping items abroad for recommendations. Friends have nothing to lose or gain, so will likely give you honest advice

5. Identify any customs restrictions for your destination country

You can’t just send anything anywhere. You should know the country’s laws and regulations, as well as customs policies for that specific country before you ship a parcel.

For example, some countries have restrictions on what goods they allow to be imported into their country while others don’t allow certain types of products, such as certain fur items or ivory. 

Shipping advice for e-commerce merchants

If you are an e-commerce business owner or shipping products worldwide, but you can’t see your desired country listed as a destination on the dropdown list of countries that you can ship it to – there might be some restrictions!

For example, some websites such as eBay, Shopify, and Amazon will disallow certain types of countries from being selected. This is because the cost of sending the parcel may be too high for your purposes.

If you still want to ship to your desired country, you should contact a shipping company that can advise you on what to do.

Alternatively, if you only want to send small parcels overseas (i.e., less than 20kg), it could be cheaper and easier just to use an online forwarder.


We hope this guide helped you to understand all the areas involved in shipping items. It isn’t difficult to send a parcel overseas, but you should always do your research and follow the tips mentioned above.

To summarise:

Make sure that the parcel is well-packed and includes all the necessary documentation, such as a customs form.

Choose the right shipping method and shipping company, depending on the destination country, weight, and delivery requirements.

We hope you can rest assured knowing that your parcel will reach its destination safely and on time.

If you have any questions about international shipping, ask us in the comments.

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