On A Budget? Transform Your Home With These Simple Hacks

by Tanya March 07, 2023

Improving your home can be super fun and provide an immense satisfaction and sense of achievement, especially if you do it yourself 😏

There are plenty of cost-effective ways to update your home.

Millennials have been defining interior design for a while now – from Millennial pink, to mid-century modern, and tons of plants.

Whether you are planning on completing a few DIY jobs or adding minor upgrades to your living space, these 10 simple home improvement ideas can help you get a head start.

1. Upgrade your internal doors

It’s all in the details, like floors, doors, wall colour etc.

A door is your first point of call to a room.

Why not swap them out? Especially if they are currently plain and white.

Your home can be noisy, especially with children running around. A more soundproof design could make all the difference. Most internal doors can be painted so that leftover paint from your walls will come into use!

2. Coat your walls with a fresh new colour

Not many people know it, but painting is something that you can do without any qualification. It’s super easy, and fun.

The walls and wall colours have enormous impact on your interior decor.

Cream and white colours will exude simplicity and sweeten the look and feel of the room.

Darker, bolder colours are also great for creating a warm, calming feel.

You can save even further, and check out online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Ebay, etc, and second-hand shops in your area, where people are trying to get rid of excess materials or even brand-new items they couldn’t send back.

Reusing materials not only saves money, but it’s also eco-friendly and looks more mature/aged than new materials, which gives them more character.

3. Glorify the lighting in your home

Old lighting can make your home look outdated.

Changing your light fixtures is super easy, quick and cheap.

You could also improve the ambiance in a room by simply changing some bulbs with a warmer light.

Simple, yes, but highly effective.

NB! Put cute table or wall lamps on in any dark corners. They create a warm cosy ambience.

4. Replace (try second-hand) or shift your furniture around

Millennials are super creative when it comes to finding amazing furniture cheaply.

eBay is a goldmine for gorgeous vintage and one-0f-a-kind mid-century furniture.

Swapping out your old, damaged, or outdated furniture for cooler, more modern pieces can change the appeal of your home immediately.

Vintage-inspired options or sleek matt neutrals will not go a miss!

If your cupboards and drawers are white, copper and wood is an excellent choice to pair them with.

5. Install crown moulding

Crown moulding can add an elegant touch and is relatively simple to install.

Interestingly, crown moulding can add value to your property if you plan to sell in the future.

A silky white strip along the ceiling adds class and helps bring the room together.

6. Update your curtains or blinds

An old, ragged curtain will not go unnoticed.

A simple change can massively improve the room’s aesthetics.

Switching up to blinds is a more modern choice but a lot neater and easier to keep clean. That is not to say curtains are not still in fashion. If your interior is less contemporary, curtains work much better, not to mention curtains allow more light in than blinds.

7. Create a focal point

Get visitors talking.

Adding a focal point will create interest and draw the eye.

This could be anything from a unique piece of furniture to a bold art piece or even as simple as a quirky light fixture.

Focal points anchor a room and give it a cohesive look.

8. Replace your taps

Replacing your taps with a more modern style is not only an upgrade but will improve the functionality of your sink.

This one is a no-brainer if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Brushed nickel or chrome finishes create a sleek, polished look, whereas matt black will create a bold, warm look.

Another bonus is no more leaky taps!

9. Declutter your room

Put everything you don’t need daily, away from the site into the storage. Chucking out/donate or sell things you no longer need.

Get rid of items that have accumulated over the years. Remove any bulky furniture that makes the room feel small and replace it with a smaller one.  

A clean, organized home can do wonders for its appeal. It creates space, both physical and mental.

PS! Add wall mirrors to some rooms. They make rooms look bigger and lighter.

10. Throw in a gallery wall

A gallery wall is a spot for showing off any unique art pieces or your favourite photos.

Mix and match different frame sizes and styles or throw in some vintage candle holders or small statues.

This can be changed at any time or added to, so if you change your mind, it won’t cost to make a change.


There are thousands of small simple yet affordable ways to improve your home without breaking the bank.

From painting walls to shifting your furniture around, these small changes can have a significant impact and make you fall in love with your home again.

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