Unified Comms Empower Next Generation Businesses

by Tanya January 16, 2021

What sets your business apart from the competitors?

All things equal, it’s customer service.

Every 3rd customer (30%) says that the most important aspect of customer service is speaking with a knowledgeable and friendly agent.

And 74% contact customer support via phone.

Only 13% of people are ready for chatbots to take over all customer comms.

The age of digital transformation is upon us. Multi and omnichannel communication to and from the business is key.

Yet, in this highly digitalised world, the importance of a human voice means that telephony still remains a central part of any business communication strategy.

m247 provides telephony services in a cloud-based world that can help you keep in touch with your customers while streamlining and scaling your business processes.

Read more about this in their latest infographic:

Infographic designed by https://m247.com

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