Socially Awkward Generation Won’t Pick Up The Phone. Why Should You?

by Tanya August 07, 2014 Millennials as consumers, The future of office

Phone is the least important application of a phone.

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Mallie Rydzik: From Mental Breakdown And Dreadful Corporate Job To Finally Finding Her Calling

by Tanya July 21, 2014 Make money online

The culmination of devastating events, pushed Mallie Rydzik harder to seek real purpose in life, witch she has found through

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Interview: David Burstein On Millennial Identity, Future Of Work And Olivia Wilde

by Tanya July 15, 2014 The future of office

I got David on Skype.

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What’s Behind Buzzfeed Success? Ego

by Tanya June 22, 2014 Millennials as consumers

Buzzfeed is a marketing genius! What's behind its success?

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Mark Zuckerberg is a fan of bottom-up management approach.

Facebook: Millennials Want Bottom-Up Company Culture

by Tanya June 15, 2014 The future of office

Innovation comes from bottom-up company culture.

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