How to Get Your New Business In Front of People

by Tanya April 19, 2021

There is no denying that starting a new business is hard work. Not only do you have to come up with a great product or service, but you also have to market it effectively and get it in front of the right people.

When your business is not visible on the 1st page of Google, it’s difficult to grow.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process and get your business in front of potential customers faster. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to get your new business on the map quickly and start generating revenue!

#1 Don’t ignore email marketing

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses email to promote a business to a group of people, who are either a) existing customers or b) have signed up to an email list.

Did you know, the average social media engagement is 0.58% – that means each social media post you create will, on average, only reach 6 out of every 1,000 followers. That’s tiny!

On the other hand, with email marketing, the average figures are:

>> 85% will see your email

>> 22.9% will open your email

>> 3.7% will click on a link in your email

And that’s just the average figures.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to truly connect with clients and customers and compel them to buy from you.

#2 Use Google AdWords to get your business in front of potential customers

Google is the world’s largest search engine, so it makes sense that using their advertising platform would be one of the best ways to get your new business on the map quickly. You can use Google Ads which allows businesses like yours to advertise when people search for keywords related to what they have available. This helps ensure that only those who are interested in purchasing from you will see these ads!

You’ll also want to take advantage of other digital marketing tools such as social media platforms and email campaigns because all three offer similar benefits. Not only do they provide a targeted reach at scale with little effort required on behalf of both parties involved, but they are perfect for busy entrepreneurs looking for ways to get their new business on the map quickly!

#3 Have a strong social media presence

Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have a website and social media accounts for your business – you need to be actively engaging with customers and followers on these platforms. This means regularly posting new content, responding to comments and messages, and being active on other related forums or groups where your potential customers might be present.

The specific platforms you use will depend on what kind of demographic you’re looking to target. Focus on where your target customers mostly spend their time online.

#4 Improve your organic search visibility

Did you know that on average 22% of total eCommerce revenue is driven by organic search, making it the NO #1 sales driver of all marketing channels? (2017 Smart Insights).

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you need SEO (search engine optimisation).

SEO is a set of activities that improve your website’s visibility on different search engines.

Google claims to use over 200 ranking factors when evaluating which pages rank as the best possible results for different searcher queries.

Links are continuing to be one of the main ranking factors in 2022. High-quality backlinks are an important ranking factor because Google treats them as a vote of confidence and endorsement. If other high-quality publications link to you, it is an indicator to Google that you are reliable and relevant.

If you struggling with building high-quality backlinks to your website, use a popular blogger outreach service. These services have thousands of bloggers on their roster and they offer guest writing for businesses who look to increase the quality of backlinks to their business, and as result – rank higher on Google.

#5 Get reviews from your customers

Getting reviews from your customers is important for attracting new customers because they act as social proof and help to give your business more credibility and visibility online.

People like to read reviews of products and services before they commit to buying them. So make your best reviews available for customers to read on your site.

#6 Upgrade your website

If your website looks outdated, it’s time for an upgrade. Old-fashioned and clunky websites are an immediate turn-off for the customers no matter how great your service or product is. 

Think of the latest web design trends, incorporate intuitive features, and the user experience is optimized on a range of devices.

If you are not familiar with web design or don’t have the time to create a website yourself, you can get in touch with an umbraco agency that offers affordable website design services. Or just do a quick Google search, and you will be able to find several businesses that can help get your business online in no time!

#7 Attend local business events

Another great way to get your new business on the map quickly is to attend local business events. These events are an excellent opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs, learn more about what’s working well in the industry, and find potential customers.

You can find upcoming business events in your area by doing a quick Google search or checking online event calendars. Once you’ve found an event that looks like a good fit, be sure to RSVP and bring plenty of business cards!

In conclusion, there are many ways you can get your new business on the map quickly. By utilising the above tips, you’ll be able to attract more customers and increase brand awareness for your business.

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