3 Technology Trends to Consider When Starting Your Business

by Tanya October 21, 2019

The rapid evolution of technology in the digital age is one of the many reasons entrepreneurial growth is on the rise.

Thanks to the Internet, eCommerce, and other innovations, it’s easier than ever for creative professional to launch their own company and start making money.

Technology is also likely to be a valuable tool in helping you to run your company. Having the right tools in your business ecosystem today will ensure you can run a more innovative, efficient, and productive company, without spending a fortune.

While your business won’t necessarily need to take advantage of every technology trend as it arrives in your industry, there are some exciting tools worth considering if you’re launching a new venture this year.

1. Meeting tools and hybrid work

These days, starting an effective business doesn’t necessarily mean hiring employees to sit together in the same office environment. Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a rising number of companies investing in remote employees and hybrid work.

Teams are collaborating from different locations all around the world, which requires new investments in meeting tools and technology. To ensure you can take advantage of the cost savings associated with hybrid working, you’ll need to at least invest in the right technology to enable video meetings and cloud-based collaboration.

You may also want to look into making your meeting rooms more agile, to allow for more regular meetings between modern employees. Read more about how to set up hybrid teams online.

2. Advanced security and cloud solutions

Building a secure, protected business has always been important to making sure your company remains safe against criminals and hackers. In recent years, however, demands for advanced security systems have been growing, as attacks become more sophisticated.

To mitigate this risk, use a service like Azure private cloud solutions to take care of your specific needs regarding security, compliance, and operational needs.

Think about not just how you’re securing data when more of your operations are happening over the cloud, but how you’re adhering to the latest regulations and guidelines, like GDPR.

The more secure your business is, the more likely your customers will want to stick with you.

3. Intelligence and reporting within fleet management

For years, we’ve known that data is the key to making better business decisions. Unfortunately, many companies have struggled to access all the information they need to run an effective team.

New tools with in-depth analytics, reporting features, and even AI recommendations can help you to save money and manage your team more efficiently. Route4me is one such solution that can help you with fleet management.

In the fleet management landscape, the right tools can help with everything from understanding how your company vehicles navigate the roads, to how long your staff spends driving to locations. In-depth reports on vehicle telematics can help you to keep track of your valuable assets and use GPS insights to design better routes for your team.

BONUS: Take advantage of digital marketing

Taking advantage of the right technology can be an excellent way to take your business to the next level, even when you’re just getting started. Everything from digital marketing strategies to lead generation and retention is going the digital route.

Remember, it always pays to check out the latest trends, and make sure you’re aware of how each solution can help you.

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